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What I Can Learn From My Kids To Save My Marriage Today

John Lennon once wrote, "Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans."

Many married couples do not know how to enjoy the present and save their marriage today. They are either living in the past or have anxiety about the future. For most married couples the stress of life gets in the way. You may feel the routine settle in. Worse the spontaneity and excitement have taken a back seat. Before you know it, years have gone by and then you suddenly realize that I need to save my marriage today.

Another quote I've used many times is "Yesterday is a canceled check, tomorrow is a promissory note, today is cash in the bank." Have you ever watched a child playing? Children are not concerned with time. They don't care about ten minutes ago or ten minutes from now. Their total concentration and enjoyment centers around each moment.

What if you could now do the same? What if you could enjoy each moment of your life as it happens, instead of living so many of your days anxiously awaiting some future event? Take inventory of everything you possess right now and delight in it. You'll be surprised at just how much you do have. If you are upset at what you don't have, look at what you do have. I heard a phrase that I love, Why always want what we don't have. Why not want what we do have. After all, someone else might look at your life with envy.

You are breathing on your own, you don't need a respirator. You are obviously able to read these pages so you don't have anything major wrong with your eyesight. If you can hear the sounds around you, like someone talking, birds singing, the wind blowing, or air conditioning going on, consider yourself lucky.

While you are reading, take a deep breath through your nose and see if you smell anything. Maybe you are cooking dinner and the food smells great or you're outside and you can smell the fresh grass. The point is you can distinguish scents with your nose. Wherever you are right now you are safe. There's no threat to your life. You're not starving. You know when and where your next meal will be. You have a place to sleep at night. We take so much for granted. Once a day try to do this type of exercise. Go through an inventory of everything you do have and be grateful.

I remember being at the Toronto Airport. All planes were grounded due to a snow storm that began the night before. So instead of leaving at 8:00 a.m. the airport was shut down for most of the day. People were all complaining. Some even yelling at the agents. (Talk about not knowing what you can control and what you can't.) Anyway, I sat next to a business executive (I say that because he had a briefcase and a cellular phone in his hand.) and he was just fuming. He was visibly annoyed and muttering under his breath. I could almost guarantee that if we had him hooked up to a blood pressure machine he'd be in trouble.

An elderly lady must have also noticed his agitation so she gently put her hand on his and said, "Look we're all obviously stuck here for the day, that we have no choice in. But we do have a choice as to whether we make it an unbearable or pleasant experience. You are safe and warm. If you get hungry there's a restaurant with food in it.

You are surrounded by nice people. If you get tired you can stretch out and take a nap. If you get bored you can buy a magazine or a book. Try to concentrate on where you are rather than where you can't get to. I'm not sure if it was her age that made her so wise or just having such a gentle voice and manner, but the business man's demeanor changed. You could see him unwind and relax right before your eyes. I always remember her words when my plane is delayed. (I'm warm, safe and surrounded by nice people, I can eat, read or take a nap) somehow that brings me into the present and I'm okay. I'll think about the appointment I'm going to be late for later.

I have a wonderful new friend, Patti. She and her husband, Carl, are extremely successful business people flying all over the country. On one occasion they had just finished doing business and realized they had only 2 hour to get to the airport. There were no cabs in sight, only a limo. Her husband gave the driver of the limo a $100 bill and said, can you get us to the airport? The driver who was off duty, saw the money and said, NO PROBLEM.

Carl was so concerned about getting to the airport looking out the window at the traffic he didn't notice Patti's grin. She gently tapped him on the shoulder, put her feet across his lap and whispered in his ear, "Do you think we can put up the partition so the driver can't see us?" Carl got the idea and immediately went from worrying about the airline to enjoying the moment If you get my drift!

Children are Dreamers
Ask any child what he wants to be, do or have and you'll get the most incredible answers. A man or woman who still has a dream or vision of what he still wants to experience or accomplish is a winner in my book. Night after night so many people watch TV shows were you're seeing other people's dreams come true.

You are never too old to have your own dream. I know you had at least one when you were a child. Maybe you shared some of your dreams and someone said that they were ridiculous, made you feel foolish for setting your sights so high.

Well, I'd like to encourage you to dream again. Anything that has ever been accomplished started out as a dream. Someone dreamed about going to the moon many years before that happened. Any vacation I ever went on began as a dream. Long before I became an author, I dreamed of sharing my ideas to as many people as I could. My husband was a dream, way before he came into my life. My children were a dream long before I became pregnant. Before something can become a reality, it has to begin with a dream.

Every single thing you see that is manmade, began with an idea in someone's mind. Your television, a bicycle, our highways, our sidewalks, a Broadway show, everything. Think about it. How can a dream come true if you don't have any dreams? Don't get me wrong, it is important to enjoy the present, but it's also important to have dreams. Even though it's the entire journey that counts, it's so exciting to experience something that you pictured happening a long time ago.

I remember Julia Roberts was being interviewed by Barbara Walters about her role in the move Steel Magnolias. She said everyone was sweating and complaining about the heat except Dolly Parton. When she went up to Dolly and said, "How come you're not complaining?" Dolly said, Al dreamed of being a big star when I was a little girl and the day I accomplished that I swore I'd never complain."

Jim Carey the comedian and actor said he made out a check to himself for six million dollars, long before he became famous and commanded that kind of salary. Then the day came when he actually got paid 6 million dollars for a film he was starring in. I know we've all heard someone say, I never dreamed I'd have this, but believe me more people say I have dreamed about this for so long.

Dreams are very powerful. There are many people who are working toward a dream of ending world hunger. Others are working toward a dream of world peace. Impossible? I don't know? I'm just so thankful that there are people who are dedicating themselves to fulfill their dreams. There are many people who are trying to find a cure for cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. If everyone stayed in the present reality we wouldn't have the advances we have in science and technology.

So what's your dream? If you don't have any, today is as good as any to being daydreaming. Close your eyes and allow yourself to go and do anything you want. Remember in a dream anything goes, and anything is possible. No limitations. Be as wild and crazy as you like. Remember, money is no object, time is no object, age is no object, nothing can stop you. Then when you open your eyes take one little baby-step toward that dream. Remember taking one step every day means 365 steps at the end of one year and that's a lot of effort. You do not want to be in a position where you know when your marriage is over.

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